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Informational Interviews: Five Pieces of Advice

By: The BAIL Team

Informational interviews are a misnomer, if not a contradiction in terms. As a general rule, short discussions with strangers are rarely the best way to gain useful advice. It’s therefore not surprising that most informational interviews are often vaguely frustrating. The interviewer chat-23713_1280wonders why he didn’t hear any particularly interesting insights, while the interviewee regrets spending 30 minutes answering broad, meandering questions about her career. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. 

These quick meetings can be interesting and valuable. Some advice for those seeking advice: Read more

Searching for an International Development Job in the Bay Area: 15 Tips and Lessons Learned

By: Kelly William Doley 

Last summer, I left South Sudan to get married and move to the Bay Area, where my wife is attending graduate school. My prior international development experience was mostly with USAID and NGOs in Washington, D.C., East Africa, and Latin America, and I was uncertain about how I would fit into the Bay Area job world. After months of searching, I ultimately landed a job with Inveneo. The following are tips and lessons learned from my job search that I have to share with BAIL and anyone who might be looking for an internationally oriented position in the Bay Area:

  1. Create a Google Spreadsheet Contact List: This database will help you store all of the contact information you obtain from business cards and keep track of all the interesting individuals you meet, jobs you’ve applied for, and your communication with everyone.

Read more

A Quick Taxonomy of International Jobs in the Bay Area

By: The BAIL Team

“Without a profound simplification the world around us would be an infinite, undefined tangle that would defy our ability to orient ourselves and decide upon our actions…We are compelled to reduce the knowable to a schema.” (Primo Levi, The Drowned and the Saved)

We’ve been posting jobs on the BAIL job board for almost exactly a year and a half now. One important thing to realize about our job board is that it’s incomplete – we pull jobs from a list of around 135 different organizations and job boards, as well as those shared with us directly, but we invariably miss quite a few. And many jobs are never posted publicly at all.

With that caveat in mind, in the course of posting these jobs we have learned a great deal about the incredible range of international work happening in the Bay Area. The goal of this post is to reflect and provide some observations from the last 18 months of posting international-ish Bay Area jobs. Read more

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