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Beyond the Rhetoric of Partnership

Strengthening the relationship between grantmaker and grantee in an international context


A version of this post originally appeared on GMNsight, journal of Grants Managers Network, and has been re-posted with permission.

By: Katie Boswell

Partnership – it’s a word regularly used by grantmakers to describe their relationships with grantees. International funders are particularly fond of it, often referring to their grantees around the world as “partners.” My organization, San Francisco-based One World Children’s Fund, refers to our 44 grantees in more than 20 countries as “partner organizations.” But what does it really mean and how are we as grantmakers living up to the rhetoric that we preach?

To explore these questions, One World conducted research with our partner organizations and stakeholders to uncover what “authentic” partnership means to them and how we measure up. Read more


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