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Global Education for All Ages

By: David Harris

While BAIL has done an incredible job this year building community among internationally-minded adults in the Bay Area, there is another group of people here in our little corner of the world that perhaps are just as much in need of help in this area: students. The Global Lives Project has set out to create opportunities for students to engage and get to know what everyday life is like around the world.


Global Lives video installations showcase daily life in its raw form — 24 hours of unedited footage from waking up and making breakfast to commuting, eating dinner and preparing for bed — presented in a way that surrounds viewers, inviting them to reflect and discuss the footage. From students in Malawi and Lebanon to a farmer in Indonesia or workers in Brazil and Serbia, our videos feature lives from around the world. Read more

BAIL Banter: Perspectives from Bay Area Internationalists (Nozomi Witherspoon)

BAIL Banter is a series of interviews with San Francisco Bay Area experts and members of the BAIL community. If you’d like to be interviewed or to recommend someone we should feature, please contact Prairie Summer.

For this edition, we are pleased to introduce Nozomi Witherspoon, International Programs Manager at She joined in September 2014 and is now launching and implementing programs in Africa and Latin America. Nozomi also leads the coordination of market and impact assessments, and works closely with her team members in country offices and other strategic departments in to maximize impact on the ground. Read more

Child Labor, Unfair Wages and Worker Abuse: Old Problems Demand A New Solution

By: Kohl Gill

This past July, Samsung found out that one of its Chinese suppliers had employed five children through a subcontractor. Samsung suspended business with that supplier quickly, but weeks later quietly reinstated the supplier with a lower volume production. Such a disruption can cost a business millions in lost productivity — not to mention the resources, time and money spent in reputation management to distance your multinational’s brand image from child labor. No one wants to buy a phone made by children. Read more

Online Work: The Game-Changer for Asia’s Entrepreneurs

Author: Nicolas Picard

An exciting tech trend is reshaping Asian workforces. In countries like Bangladesh where the economy is expanding alongside faster broadband speeds and mobile penetration, entrepreneurs and skilled workers looking for employment are turning to online work, or eWork. A 2014 report on global online work by Bay Area-based Elance-oDesk (a merger of two eWork “freelance” platforms) measured more than 8 million registered online freelancers and 2 million registered business clients on its two platforms combined. It is predicted that in 2014, $930 million worth of work will be completed on the platform.

Read more