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It’s been a year since we started featuring perspectives from talented people and organizations across the Bay Area on the BAIL blog. Hope you’ve enjoyed it! Thank you to everyone who has contributed.

Looking back at our posts, these six are by far the most widely read and shared. Check them out if you haven’t already!


  1. A Quick Taxonomy of International Jobs in the Bay Area by Brenna, Michael and Prairie (aka. BAIL)
  2. Child Labor, Unfair Wages and Worker Abuse: Old Problems Demand A New Solution by Kohl Gill (LaborVoices)
  3. The Global Killer App: Why we need to stop ignoring SMS by Alicia Levine (formerly Vital Wave Consulting and now with EveryLayer)
  4. Searching for an International Development Job in the Bay Area: 15 Tips and Lessons Learned by Kelly Doley (Inveneo)
  5. BAIL Banter: Perspectives from Bay Area Internationalists (Nozomi Witherspoon from
  6. Engaging the Global Commons by Dave Potter (formerly iEARN-USA and now with VIF International Education)



Featured April Events

Free Movie Screening: Girl Rising
Wednesday, April 8
5:00pm – 8:00pm

PG&E’s Women’s Network and W-STEM network, and their community sponsor Spark, are honored to be screening Girl Rising From Academy Award-nominated director Richard E. Robbins, Girl Rising journeys around the globe to witness the strength of the human spirit and the power of education to change the world. Viewers get to know nine unforgettable girls living in the developing world: ordinary girls who confront tremendous challenges and overcome nearly impossible odds to pursue their dreams. This event also includes time for networking and a post-film discussion. Read more

It’s not too late (checking out events you’ve missed)

We all get a little busy. Too much work, too little sleep, not enough time to attend all the events we’d like to in the Bay Area. Whether it’s because they’re too far, not at a convenient time or you just got lazy, there are still ways to catch the events you missed attending live.

Here are a few recent events you can check out now — though no chance for questions or networking! Each of these groups, and many others, posts the video or audio from many of their events online, so in addition to these you can look up other events you’ve missed.  Have other resources with archived events you find valuable? Please share! Leave us a note in the comments with your recommendations.



The Power of Words: Global Illiteracy and the Campaign to End It


This panel discussion on the scale of global illiteracy, the dimensions of the crisis as it breaks down along gender and class lines and the opportunities for intervention was hosted by the World Affairs Council of Northern California and featured:

  • Erin Ganju, CEO and Co-Founder, Room to Read
  • Kate James, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Pearson
  • Michael Lombardo, CEO, Reading Partners


Read more

International Women’s Day: Making It Happen for Girls and Women in Tech

This post originally appeared on the IIE blog and is re-posted with permission. 

By: Beth Garriott

Today, women make up 12 percent of all computer science grads. Just three decades ago, they represented 37 percent. They’re half the workforce, but hold only a quarter of technical or computing jobs.

If current trends continue, the Department of Labor estimates half of the 1.4 million new STEM-related jobs in this country will go unfilled.

This reality is of course not confined to the United States — it’s even more pronounced in other countries, especially in the developing world.

March 8th was International Women’s Day. And internationally, women and men should be outraged by this. When we close the door to opportunity — especially opportunity in the sector that is the engine of modern economic growth — we all suffer. Our tech companies and our society are worse off. Read more

Global Education for All Ages

By: David Harris

While BAIL has done an incredible job this year building community among internationally-minded adults in the Bay Area, there is another group of people here in our little corner of the world that perhaps are just as much in need of help in this area: students. The Global Lives Project has set out to create opportunities for students to engage and get to know what everyday life is like around the world.


Global Lives video installations showcase daily life in its raw form — 24 hours of unedited footage from waking up and making breakfast to commuting, eating dinner and preparing for bed — presented in a way that surrounds viewers, inviting them to reflect and discuss the footage. From students in Malawi and Lebanon to a farmer in Indonesia or workers in Brazil and Serbia, our videos feature lives from around the world. Read more