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Featured May Events

Indego Africa Mother’s Day Pop Up Shop & Mixer
Wednesday, May 6
6:00 – 8:00Indego

Just in time for Mother’s Day, come shop beautiful gifts for all the women in your life, made with love by women in Rwanda. Indego Africa products — jewelry, home goods, clothing, and accessories — are all handmade and fair trade.

Don’t feel like shopping? Just come by to mingle with interesting people, have a drink, talk about how we can help women, and hear about what we’re doing at Indego Africa to support Rwandan women entrepreneurs through training and access to markets!

FREE event at Dear Mom (2700 16th Street, San Francisco, CA)

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The Future of Human Rights Technology: The Role of Silicon Valley

This post originally appeared on Benetech’s blog and has been re-posted with permission.

By: Enrique Piracés

How can we create more opportunities for technology companies to support human rights organizations? What will help ensure that the support given to them truly strengthens their capacity to implement the tools, principles, and methods that are required to protect and advance global human rights? Will the interests of the human rights movement and of technology corporations ever be aligned, and should they align? Read more

Do-Gooders and Data

Author: Brian Pascal

Silicon Valley’s extraordinary economic success within the technology industry was built in large part by relying upon the power of numbers — especially the power of enormous piles of numbers collected from impossibly large groups of people. These days, there’s a faith bordering on the religious among the tech-minded that numbers can solve all of our problems.

This approach has crystallized into the polyglot field generally referred to as big data. Among other things, big data is the attempt to employ technology to extract deep and useful truths from very large databases. Read more