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Three most interesting articles of the day

  • What happens now that Britain has voted for Brexit? (The Economist): “Britain has voted for Brexit. What happens now? Nothing immediate, is the answer for EU nationals living in Britain and Britons living elsewhere in the EU, as well as for businesses on both sides of the Channel. It will all depend on negotiations that could take years—and no one is sure quite how many years, because the only precedent is Greenland, with a population today of around 50,000, which voted to leave in 1982.”
  • The UK “Leave” vote could trigger a wave of exits throughout the EU (Quartz): “The Brexit vote affirm the sentiments of other Europeans who have grown disenchanted with the EU. And there are many of them. A May survey from Ipsos Mori asked residents of eight European countries whether or not they supported a referendum regarding their own country’s EU membership. Nearly half did. The survey revealed that support for leaving the EU was highest among Italians, French, and Swedes.”
  • China’s internet regulator tightens screw on online speech as it targets ‘detested’ public comments on news websites (South China Morning Post): “Ren Xianliang, deputy director of the Cyberspace Administration of China, said chaotic online comments were “extremely detested” by the public and there was a need for “great efforts to crack down [on them]”, according to a statement posted on the administration’s website on Tuesday night. Ren urged the news websites to clean up comments that violated the official “nine don’ts and seven bottom lines” – including endangering state security, challenging socialism and inciting ethnic hatred.”


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