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Three most interesting articles of the day

  • There’s a new way to measure global growth (Business Insider): “This new approach had to go beyond national economic growth, and focus on the social and political factors that would drive opportunity for business. What are the true engines of consumption, and crucially where will the new global middle-class come from?”
  • South China Sea: the mystery of missing books and maritime claims (BBC): “We came to the fishing port of Tanmen, on Hainan’s east coast, because of recent state media reports about the existence of an extraordinary document – a 600-year-old book containing evidence of vital, national importance. The book, in the possession of a retired fisherman called Su Chengfen, is said to record the precise navigational instructions by which his long-distant forefathers could reach the scattered rocks and reefs of the far-flung Spratly islands, many hundreds of nautical miles away.”
  • Blue Nile: Sudan’s Forgotten Front (IRIN): “Ahmed has invested too much in the hyena to let her go now. He keeps her chained to a post, feeding her scraps of food, skin and bones that could have nourished him, his wife and his hungry kids. Kafe is part of the household; everyone suffers together. ‘If the children eat, the hyena eats. If the children don’t eat, the hyena doesn’t eat,’ Ahmed chuckles grimly.”


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