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Three most interesting articles of the day

  • False Flags: The Kremlin’s Hidden Cyber Hand (The Observer): “From the newsmagazine Der Spiegel we now learn that German spy services too have concluded that the Cyber Caliphate is really a secret Russian operation…In other words, the Cyber Caliphate is a Russian false-flag operation. Although that loaded term has been hijacked by tinfoil-hat wearers and fringe websites, including lunatics who think horrific school shootings didn’t actually happen, it’s a perfectly legitimate espionage method of venerable vintage.”
  • Uber’s Battle for China (FT Weekend Magazine): “The car-hailing app has disrupted taxi and transport companies around the world. But in China – home to hundreds of millions of urban commuters – it is losing $1bn a year in an aggressive fight for market share.”
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