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It’s been a year since we started featuring perspectives from talented people and organizations across the Bay Area on the BAIL blog. Hope you’ve enjoyed it! Thank you to everyone who has contributed.

Looking back at our posts, these six are by far the most widely read and shared. Check them out if you haven’t already!


  1. A Quick Taxonomy of International Jobs in the Bay Area by Brenna, Michael and Prairie (aka. BAIL)
  2. Child Labor, Unfair Wages and Worker Abuse: Old Problems Demand A New Solution by Kohl Gill (LaborVoices)
  3. The Global Killer App: Why we need to stop ignoring SMS by Alicia Levine (formerly Vital Wave Consulting and now with EveryLayer)
  4. Searching for an International Development Job in the Bay Area: 15 Tips and Lessons Learned by Kelly Doley (Inveneo)
  5. BAIL Banter: Perspectives from Bay Area Internationalists (Nozomi Witherspoon from
  6. Engaging the Global Commons by Dave Potter (formerly iEARN-USA and now with VIF International Education)



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