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Featured October Events

What are you doing this month? We wanted to highlight a few of the events happening in October to help you get out there and discuss, debate, engage!

Please see our Events Calendar for a full listing of upcoming events across the Bay Area.

If you’re hosting events or know of any that we’ve missed, please submit them to our calendar (there’s a form just to the right of the calendar itself). You can also contact us if you have questions or difficulty submitting.


Transforming Women’s Water Burdens Into Economic Opportunities
Saturday, October 4 
10:00 AM – 12:00 PMGWWI Women in training
Hosted by Women in Cleantech and Sustainability, this event features Gemma Bulos, founder of the Global Women’s Water Initiative (GWWI). GWWI trains women to be technicians and entrepreneurs who are able to build clean water and sanitation solutions in their communities.  This “fireside chat” will focus on how we can improve access to quality water and sanitation for all people around the world.

Tickets are required for this event ($5-25) and available here along with more details.



Beyond the Code: Sparking Innovation in Myanmar
Monday, October 15
5:30 PM to 7:30 PM
Internews and Omidyar Network are hosting an introduction to the Myanmar Innovation Greenhouse, Myanmar’s new hub for civic tech and social innovation, to inform people how they can get involved in this critical moment in Myanmar’s history, in the place where technology tools to accelerate social change will be designed and created. Speakers include Myanmar Innovation Greenhouse Founder David Madden and Omidyar Network’s Stephen King.

Free but space is limited and RSVP required.



What’s the Point of the Revolution if We Can’t Tweet?
Wednesday, October 17
5:30 PM to 7:00 PMWhat's the point of a revolution?
Hosted by the Urgent Action Fund and Front Line Defenders, this event features a lively panel on the challenges faced by women human rights defenders and what the international community can do to help. Panelists include: Syrian activist and blogger Razan Ghazzawi and Lebanese activist, blogger and founder of Take Back the Tech Nadine Moawad will be joined by Executive Director of the Urgent Action Fund Kate Kroeger and Executive Director of Front Line Defenders Mary Lawlor.

Free but space is limited and RSVP required.



The Innovation Learning Curve
Monday, October 27
5:30 PM to 7:00 PM
A panel hosted by the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society (Stanford PACS) focusing on how to diagnose and overcome innovation pathologies – organizational and external factors that make innovation unproductive. Based on their research, Stanford PACS visiting scholars Christian Seelos and Johanna Mair will propose an “innovation learning curve” – the ability to create more value more productively from new ideas. They will be joined by leading social entrepreneur and Benetech CEO Jim Fruchterman and Mulago Foundation Director Kevin Starr. The panel will address questions including: Are funders and social sector organizations overrating the value of innovation social change projects? Can social sector organizations make innovation more productive? How is innovation linked to the long-term value creation logic of an organization?

Free but space is limited and RSVP required.



Voice and Agency: Empowering Women and Girls for Shared Prosperity
Tuesday, October 28
11:00 AM to 12:30 PMWorld Bank Report: Voices and Agency
An event on women’s empowerment globally, hosted by the University of California Global Health Institute’s Center of Expertise on Women’s Health and Empowerment, with the World Bank Group and PCI (Project Concern International). This panel will discuss the World Bank’s new book, Voice and Agency: Empowering Women and Girls for Shared Prosperity (PDF), in the context of their own experiences. Panelists include: Dr. Musimbi Kanyoro, CEO and President of the Global Fund for Women; Dr. Judith Auerbach, Professor at UCSF School of Medicine; Erin Ganju, Co-founder and CEO of Room to Read; and Dr. Jeni Klugman, Senior Adviser, The World Bank Group and Fellow, Kennedy School, Harvard University.

Free but space is limited and RSVP required.


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