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We recently posted a short survey asking what people would like to see from BAIL.  A big “thank you” to everyone who has filled it out – so far, we’ve had over 120 responses!  If you haven’t yet, there’s still plenty of time (the more feedback the better).

Here are the initial results:

Q.1 We are thinking of other potential services to try and provide through the Bay Area International Link. One of the ideas is to help members find consulting opportunities, either task oriented (e.g. report or grant writing) or subject-matter specific (e.g. an organization looking for an expert on child health, or Mali). Would you be interested in this service?

Y – 93%
N – 7%

Q.2 Do you currently use an online marketplace to find consulting opportunities (or, if you represent a company or NGO, to find consultants)?

Y – 10%
N – 90%

Q.3 If you already use an online marketplace, how satisfied are you with your experience?

Completely satisfied – 5%
Mostly satisfied – 14%
Somewhat satisfied – 50%
Mostly unsatisfied – 14%
Completely unsatisfied – 18%

Q.4 If BAIL were to create or sponsor an online marketplace for finding consultants / experts, would you be interested in using it?

Y – 63%
Maybe – 2%
N – 35%

Q.5 If you are interested in providing consulting services, what kind of services would you provide?

Grant proposal writing – 50%
Monitoring and Evaluation support – 53%
Report writing – 59%
Software development – 1%
Website development – 11%
Subject matter expertise – 67%
Other – 17%

Q.6 If you represent a company or NGO, what kind of consulting services would be most useful?

Grant proposal writing – 31%
Monitoring and Evaluation support – 53%
Report writing – 3%
Software development – 25%
Website development – 56%
Subject matter expertise – 28%
Other – 9%

Q.7 Do you use a job-finding tool like Careerleaf, Hidden Jobs, Indeed, SimplyHired, etc.?

Y – 50%
N – 50%

Q.8 We are also thinking of organizing occasional events (beyond happy hours). What sort of events would you find most interesting?

Discussion or debate on current issue (e.g. Syria WTF) – 77%
Advice events (e.g. how to find a job in the Bay Area) – 71%
Other – 19%

Q.9 If you were interested in an event, what time would be most convenient for you?

Morning weekday – 7%
Afternoon weekday – 20%
Evening weekday – 88%
Afternoon weekend – 34%
Evening weekend – 18%

Q.10 Finally, and perhaps most important, which is most important to you in a happy hour location?

Proximity to a specific neighborhood – 29%
Proximity to BART – 71%

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